Experience You Can Count On

cindy3Southern Medical-Legal Consulting was founded by Cindy Lifsey, a Licensed Registered Nurse with over 30 years of experience. Cindy’s extensive and varied background includes practice in Emergency, Critical Care (ICU/CCU), Telemetry, Medical/Surgical Care, and Paramedicine. She earned her Board Certification in Emergency Nursing in 1990 and has held many national provider certifications including ACLS and Trauma Nurse Specialist. Cindy’s background allows her to assist in a wide variety of medical cases. This varied background gives her knowledge and expertise that is unmatched.

In 1996, she decided to use her considerable medical knowledge to assist attorneys as a Legal Nurse Consultant. She served as an LNC with a large Atlanta law firm for 12 years, focusing on the areas of Medical Malpractice, Personal Injury, Workers’ Compensation and Legal Malpractice.

Above all, Cindy is an advocate for the truth. Her ability to relate to medical experts and read between the lines of medical records allows her to reveal the critical factors of a case for an attorney. Cindy brings knowledge and a unique ability to filter out the irrelevant issues, stay off the “rabbit trails” and focus on the applicable issues of the case.

About Legal Nurse Consulting
LNCs are Registered Nurses who advise attorneys regarding adherences to, or deviations from, applicable medical/nursing Standards of Care. They examine medical records and identify causal links between events and claimed injuries. Because an LNC is an expert in the healthcare field, they can serve as the bridge between attorneys and the medical issues they need to understand to win cases.

An in-depth understanding of the medical issues involved in your case gives you the advantage. The knowledge you gain from an LNC lends credibility to your arguments and questions. You’ll send an unmistakable message to your opponents that you understand the medical issues and merits of the case!

Building a Bridge to Medical Experts
Physician and nursing experts are critical components in the litigation of medically related cases. From many years of working with these experts, Southern Medical-Legal Consulting has gained the knowledge to act as a bridge between you and your experts. From properly preparing medical records for review to engaging in issue-focused conversations about opinions, we can help you save resources – and save time for your experts.

Cindy will help you select appropriate medical experts to review various types of cases. We can draw on our extensive network to assist you in finding qualified, credible experts, not just “hired guns”.