What is a Legal Nurse Consultant?

  • An LNC is a Registered Nurse with an extensive healthcare background who applies her education and expertise to litigation involving medical issues.


How can an LNC assist my practice?

  • An LNC provides assistance with:
    • Case review / screening with emphasis on adherence to, or deviations from, the applicable Standards of Care.
    • Identification of causal links between an event and a claimed injury.
    • Review and analysis of medical records and compilation of issue focused chronologies.
    • Interpretation of and education about disease processes, testing and treatments and medical terminology.
    • Preparation of organized and easy to navigate medical records.

Because she has a wealth of medical knowledge, your LNC understands the subtle aspects of healthcare issues and, most importantly, how you can use that understanding to achieve the best results for your clients!


What expertise can an LNC provide in addition to the advice and opinions of my medical experts?

  • Medical records are maintained by nurses. An LNC can help you develop your cases because she has first-hand knowledge of the subtleties of those records. Nurses also spend more time at the patients’ bedside than doctors do. The knowledge gained from this experience will be an indispensable advantage to you in preparing your cases.


Why should I hire an LNC instead of using a Paralegal?

  • While Paralegals are experts in legal research and assistance, they have no medical knowledge and are not familiar with medical records or issues, including what is relevant and what to filter out.
    An LNC has specialized knowledge of the healthcare systems, medical records, general and specific patient care, disease processes and even medical practice. That knowledge will help you focus on the important information – saving you time and effort!