What our clients say!

“I have worked with Cindy as a Legal Nurse Consultant for over 10 years.  She brings a tremendous work ethic and strong medical and legal background to each case.  Every lawyer in our firm utilizes Cindy for the organization of medical records and the preparation of detailed medical chronologies and expert witness binders. Cindy is very strong in these areas, but in my mind her greatest strength is her candor.  She highlights the good and bad points of every case and is very astute at spotting issues that are not always obvious.  I have used many Nurse Consultants over the years and Cindy is far and away the best in my opinion!”
Andy Cash, Esq. / Cash, Krugler & Fredericks, LLC, Atlanta, GA.
"Southern Medical-Legal Consulting is a great help to me in my practice as I evaluate and develop my cases.  Cindy’s work product is first rate and she never fails to come through when time is of the essence!"
Jay Sadd, Esq. / Slappey & Sadd, LLC, Atlanta, GA.
“Cindy is an invaluable part of our team effort on medical malpractice cases. She has a terrific grasp of the medicine and is skilled at forecasting issues. She is a major asset to us in all areas, from case selection to case strategy during litigation. As an attorney with over 30 years of experience who handles primarily medical malpractice cases, I highly recommend Cindy as a talented, hard-working and capable Legal Nurse Consultant. If you're handling a medical malpractice case, you will want her on your side!”
Wayne Grant, Esq. / Wayne Grant, PC, Atlanta, GA.
“I recently had a complicated case with voluminous medical records, in which a plaintiff contended serious injury from carbon monoxide inhalation. Cindy Lifsey took the records and not only did a super job compiling a clear/understandable time line (integrating  numerous doctor’s and other medical information), but performed much more service that that.  She was invaluable in explaining certain aspects of the inter-relationship of what was found, and providing insights into causes for the contended injuries other than the claimed cause of carbon monoxide poisoning.  Her efforts were instrumental in my efforts to resolve an otherwise quite substantial claim reasonably. Simply: Cindy thinks, and has the experience and enthusiasm to provide very valuable help.”
Arnold Young, Esq. / Hunter Maclean, Savannah, GA.
“Cindy is very thorough and hard working. Her nursing reviews are objective and very helpful. Cindy’s timelines and organization are invaluable to my PI practice.”
Evan Jones, Esq. / Ragland & Jones, LLP, Atlanta, GA.
“I have worked with Cindy for several years.  She has become an invaluable asset in my defense of medical and nursing malpractice cases.  Cindy does a great job of analyzing medical records and informing and educating me on the important medical issues in a case---sometimes long before those issues are actually raised as issues by the opposing side.  I would recommend Cindy without reservation.  She is the best at what she does!”
Stephen Moseley, Esq. / Brinson, Askew & Berry, LLP, Rome, GA.
“I have worked with Cindy on several occasions and have been extremely pleased with her assistance. She is everything you hope for in a professional; she is competent, prompt, easy to work with and, just as importantly, appreciates the nuances and subtleties of litigation. Her organizational skill is unsurpassed which is invaluable in a case involving complex medical records.”
Dennis Cathey, Esq. / Cathey & Strain, Cornelia, GA.